Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Quick Settings v1.9.9.5

Quick Settings v1.9.9.5 (Android) | 453 KB

This app lets you quickly switch most important Android settings with just few taps and control battery consumption.

Requirements: Android 1.6 and up

Quicker options:
* Screen dimmer for even lower screen brightness
* Close on switch
* Battery indicator in status bar instead of simple icon
* Shortcuts to anything what has shortcuts
* Grid layout for switches
Do you like these options? Then give Quicker a try! Quicker is entirely new app which differs from Quick Settings by its special user experience and unique set of features.
Quick Settings v1.9.9.5
Launch the app by long-pressing a search button or through a shortcut in status bar. Missing a setting? Press Menu -> Customize and add settings you need.

Do you want a better looking settings app with more option? Check out Quicker. http://fff.re/36f4 

- LED flashlight is not supported for all phones.
- GPS (since 2.3) and Mobile Data (since 2.3.3) are only shortcuts.
- Switched off 3G and 4G connections can automatically reopen after reboot or going back form airplane mode.
- Mobile Data (APN) switch might not work (or may even break your Internet settings) while working with APN of some mobile network operators. Use it on your own risk.
- 4G is for HTC phones only.
- Status bar shortcuts stay there if QS installed in PHONE memory only.

Download:- HERE

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