Thursday, February 23, 2012

Galaxy Y Battery Extender

Check this out freinds this extendss your mobiles battery upto 48 hours if you doesnt need much speed from your mobile and also if you need it to be in stand by mode then this method helps you a lot check this thread in
 xda developers  it states that our SGY battery longs still 48 hours do you believe this  i'm gonna check this
out try this and  leave your reply....
this process involves downclocking our device. 

You need the following for extending your battery:

1. setcpu.txt move this to root of your SD card.
3. Rooted SGY.

Procedure :
1. install setcpu.apk open setcpu.apk  and select the last option
that is
press "OK" and "OK"
2.Select max full that is 528000 and select set on Boot .

3. click on the profiles and select add profile by thia type of downclocking our device we might get the battery too much powerfull means about 48 hours which was detected in XDA DEVELOPERS link above....    but if u wanna play HD games or anything like that which needs high speed doesnt wwork when you done these settings read the XDA developers thread before doing Above steps....

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