Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Easy Downloader v1.0

Easy Downloader v1.0 (Android) | 557 KB

Download all files! Have you ever encountered the file is too large to download?
How many times have you prayed that your net connection might not go down when the download have been completing 99%?
Have you ever come across unsupported format, or etc. when trying to download APK, RAR, ZIP, HTTP, DOC, XLS or other files?
Easy Downloader is a featured, free and safe mobile terminal software, effectively and quickly reducing all your downloading headache. It can enable you download not only large files much more conveniently, but also some documents which browsers can’t do, much faster and stably.

Requirements: Android 2.1 and up

 Key Features:
• A featured, free and safe downloader ;
• Categories: files, music, videos, APKs, images, documents, and others
• Pause/resume your downloads;
• Continue disconnected downloads;
• Organize your downloads in sequence;
• Download all file formats from the web.
Easy Downloader v1.0
 Downloading
• Support HTTP,FTP
• Download at background
• Pause/Resume/Delete task
• Error handling-Retry
• Progress Bar

 Share Link or Copy link and Paste URL
You can also start a download by long press on a link in your Web browser and select “Share Link” or “Copy Link” and paste it directly into Easy Downloader.

 Supported Browsers:
• Stock browser (simple click OR long press then “Share Link” -> “Easy Downloader”)
• Dolphin (simple click OR long press then “Share Link” -> “Easy Downloader “)
• Sky fire (long press then “Share Link” -> “Easy Downloader “)
• Firefox (long press then “Share Link” -> “Easy Downloader “)
• Boat Browser (simple click then “Open” OR long press then “Share Link” -> “Easy Downloader “)

Download:- HERE

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