Friday, February 24, 2012

NFS Shift

There was a Need for Speed to
run this game on Samsung Galaxy Y
So I finally made a tutorial on it.
Special Thanks to 'nirmanyu97' for making
a tutorial on this. Yet i tried to make
another tutorial for my viewers 
and made it simple and for a short playtime.

Tutorial -

1) Root your Galaxy Y (or equivalent QVGA device). If you haven't then visit here 

For those who dont know whats rooting click here - LINK

2) Download and Install Chainfire 3D (Wont work if the phones not Rooted)
Link - HERE
3) Download Chainfire 3D plugins
Link - HERE
4) Unzip the archive in the SD card
5) Open Chainfire 3D and click on 'Install Plugin' 
6) The app will search for the plugins in the phone and prompt about them on the screen
7) Install all the plugins namely - libGLEMU_NVIDIA, libGLEMU_POWERVR and libGLEMU_QUALCOMM
8) Download the APK and the DATA 
APK Link - 
DATA Link - 
9) Install the game and press 'Done'
10) Given in the DATA is a file named 'com.eamobile.nfsshift_na_wf'
This is data file which you need to put in the folder - sdcard/Android/data/
11) Open Chainfire 3D and and open 'Default OpenGL Settings' and tick 'Reduce Texture Quality' and open 'Use Plugin' (Just Below the 'Reduce Texture Quality' tab) and select 'QUALCOMM'
12) Minimize Chainfire 3D
13) Open the game
14) The will freeze when you start the race, you will not see anything but you will hear race sounds.
15) Now press the lock button to lock the phone, then again press it to unlock.
16) Once you unlock the phone and the game will be in the pause menu.
17) Now just press the back arrow on the top left of the screen to resume the game. 
) (Most Important Step) Enjoy the game............!

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